The Shetland times: Faroese country man Joensen Impresses

It was testimony to Faroese country star Hallur Joensen’s popularity locally.
He has returned to Shetland with guitarist Beddi Hansen to play three gigs.
The Shetland Country Music Club had come up trumps with this formula for a band which included; Brian and Arthur Nicolson – on the guitars which seem to be joined to their hips – Maggie Adamson’s effortless swing fiddle and that old white stork of a steel guitar player Robertson to swish the sleek notes…

Hallur hits the Country Music Meeting in Berlin

On the 7th to the 9th of February Hallur will attend the Country Music Meeting in Berlin together with a few members of his local band.

Hallur will have his first gig 9 p.m. on Thursday night at the Western Saloon in Berlin.

And as mentioned he will attend the Country Music Meeting and will have a stand and his live performance is in the morning 8th of February.

Also on the 8th he will attend the Biker Treff Spinnerbrücke and will be on stage in there in the”>”>”>

Hope to see you all there

FO Music Management
Berlin 1

Berlin 2

Hallur hits Countryfestival

hallur-countryfestivalHallur Joensen was heading the second edition of the Country and Blues Festival ( at Sørvágur of the Faroe Islands, next to the airport of Vágar. Locally, Hallur is labeled The King of Contry. At the Faroese festival Hallur brought on stage with him Jákup Zachariassen, steel, Finnur Hansen, keyboard, Jóan P. ‘Beddi’ Hansen, guitar, Eyðun Johannesen, bass, Høgni Klakstein, drums and Kristina Bærendsen, backing vocals.

Hallur Joensen has just released his fourt album, With Stars and Legends, counting to be the best seller ever of any cd released on the Faroese market. On the album there are 13 songs, where Hallur can be heard singing and playing with The Bellamy Brothers, Kris Kristofferson, Charley Pride, Bobby Bare, Dawn Sears, Yohanna, G. Thomas, James Burton, Tanya Hencheroff, David Peterson & Woody Wright and Vince Gill & Sonja Isaacs

FO Music Management is Hallur Joensen’s international representation.

New record coming soon

hallur_stars_legendsSome exciting news ahead for Hallur Joensen, a new record on its way and he has signed with a new management. First of all the new management, FO Music Management is based in the Faroe Islands with manager Gudmund Djurhuus.

FO Music Management will from now on be representing Hallur and handling requests, booking and so forth. FO Music Management has signed with some stars in the Faroe Islands already, except from Hallur FO Music Management takes care of Evi Tausen and Jens Marni Hansen.

Hallur Joensen is ready with his fourth record With Stars & Legends, recorded in the capital of country music, Nashville. Hallur is very excited about his coming record which has been produced by Jákup Zachariassen. This album is the result of cooperation with some great stars in the country genre. Continue reading

From Denmark to Shetland

On November 3rd, Hallur will be playing in Denmark with some of his old musical friends from West & Blus in Stendis, midtjylland.
A week after he will be on his way to Hamnavoe in Shetland, where Hallur will be a part of the Thomas Fraser Festival from 8th – 11th of November.
Hallur says: “As a big fan of Tomas Fraser, it will be an honor for me to be a part of this great Memoreal event. I will have my good friend and guitarist, Jóan P. Hansen (Beddi) to accompany me along with some of the local musicians where we will convey some of the good ol’ classics tunes.!”