The Shetland times: Faroese country man Joensen Impresses

It was testimony to Faroese country star Hallur Joensen’s popularity locally.
He has returned to Shetland with guitarist Beddi Hansen to play three gigs.
The Shetland Country Music Club had come up trumps with this formula for a band which included; Brian and Arthur Nicolson – on the guitars which seem to be joined to their hips – Maggie Adamson’s effortless swing fiddle and that old white stork of a steel guitar player Robertson to swish the sleek notes…

Hallur hits the Country Music Meeting in Berlin

On the 7th to the 9th of February Hallur will attend the Country Music Meeting in Berlin together with a few members of his local band.

Hallur will have his first gig 9 p.m. on Thursday night at the Western Saloon in Berlin.

And as mentioned he will attend the Country Music Meeting and will have a stand and his live performance is in the morning 8th of February.

Also on the 8th he will attend the Biker Treff Spinnerbrücke and will be on stage in there in the”>”>”>

Hope to see you all there

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Berlin 1

Berlin 2

From Denmark to Shetland

On November 3rd, Hallur will be playing in Denmark with some of his old musical friends from West & Blus in Stendis, midtjylland.
A week after he will be on his way to Hamnavoe in Shetland, where Hallur will be a part of the Thomas Fraser Festival from 8th – 11th of November.
Hallur says: “As a big fan of Tomas Fraser, it will be an honor for me to be a part of this great Memoreal event. I will have my good friend and guitarist, Jóan P. Hansen (Beddi) to accompany me along with some of the local musicians where we will convey some of the good ol’ classics tunes.!”

Sørvágs Country & Blues Festival

On Friday June 8th to Saturday June 9th will be a Country & Blues Festival in Sørvági where Hallur with his band are looking forward too be on stage, singing and entertaining with their wonderful take on Country and maybe even some Bluegrass music on the main stage, Saturday at 22:00 (10pm)
Sørvágs Country & Blues Festival has the perfect setting too bring the whole family and make a weekend outing out of. There are places for the kids to have fun and play aswell as places for the mature audience too sit back, enjoy a meal with family and friends while listening too some of the best country music.