About me

Hallur Joensen is a country music artist in his own right. His heartfelt, down to earth singing resonates the essence of country & western music and tells the story like a true outlaw.

Born in 1967 in the quaint and northern city of Klaksvík in the Faroe Islands, Hallur moved to Denmark in the early nineties where he began his career fronting the band “Western Blues”. The crowd-winning group had no trouble keeping busy and toured all over Scandinavia for the most part of the nineties.

Hungry to record his first album, Hallur travelled to Nashville where his album “Pickin’ Time In Nashville” was brought to life. It turned out a huge success and was the best-selling album in the Faroe Islands in 2008.

Building on the success of his debut album, Hallur released his second studio album “Smile” in 2009. Faroese airwaves quickly took a liking to the new album and the title track “Smile” became an overnight classic. Hallur’s music has also caught the attention of listeners abroad, his tunes being played on various radio stations across Europe and Japan.

With inspirations like Hank Williams and Merle Haggard, Hallur weaves his own life story into his interpretations of some of the greatest country songs ever written. The magic of his timbre has reached radio stations worldwide and given his audiences yet another reason to love country music. Keeping his Stetson on, it’s hats off to Hallur as he sings his good ol’ country heart out.

2010 was an intense year for Hallur, filling venues week after week. Probably the busiest Faroese performer around and no doubt a true highway man.

It wasn’t without an award nomination for Hallur that 2010 drew to a close. In December, Hallur was nominated “Singer Of The Year” at the Faroese annual Planet music awards.

Breaking into 2011 with a stack of new songs, Hallur just finish his third studio album in the Faroe Islands together with songwriter and producer Jákup Zachariassen. This album have a nordic-country twist to it since the lyrics are in Faroese and the music has that undeniable country flavour.


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